The unknown Hawaii

Whenever we choose a vacation destination, we do so thinking about the famous places that we know we are going to visit there, but behind them there are always incomparable places that can be just as beautiful or even more and that, in addition, will be little traveled since they are not they are first destinations like the others. It’s like when tourists go to your city, you always think “I don’t understand how they don’t take them to such a place, with what I like”. Well, those hidden places, those unknown jewels, there are also in Hawaii .

Mo’okini Heiau is the birthplace of King Kamehameha, the most beloved and adored monarch of all who have been on the island in all its history. He was the one who managed to unite all the islands belonging to Hawaii in a single government. There is a temple built in 480 AD in honor of Ku, the Hawaiian God of war. There is also a sign at the place where King Kamehameha was born in 1858.

Papohaku Beach is another of those places that is not usually a place of interest for tourists and, thanks to that, you can enjoy a lot of tranquility and admire its impressive and crystalline waters that make it one of the most beautiful beaches of the islands . It is located at the end of the island of Moloka’i and has an area of ​​about three km. It is so unknown to the tourism sector that there are usually no more than ten people in it, a real joy considering its characteristics and that any beach like this anywhere else in the world would be full of people. From its sand we can not only enjoy the view of the Kaiwi Channel, but we can also request a camping permit. A real luxury that we will not have many occasions to repeat.

The Paliku Cabin , in Maui , offers the opportunity to admire inside the volcano that is in Haleakala National Park. It can be overnight and its views are spectacular for both flora and fauna. A luxury for 60 euros that costs the night.

Spectacular places that do not have much prominence in the travel guides that you can buy in Hawaii or that you can see online, but that are worth knowing as much or more than the most famous of its beaches.