The cities with the most bars in the world

Do you think that a Spanish city is the one that leads the ranking of cities with the most bars in the world? You’re wrong! In fact, in the Top 10 that you can see below we only come across Madrid and Barcelona, ​​which by the way do not even step on the podium.

Size matters and that shows when opening businesses as a bar, so it is normal that no Spanish city is at the top, although by density they would be.

10- Istanbul

There are 421 bars in the most important city in Turkey, a not inconsiderable figure that speaks of the leisure offer there is.

9- Chicago

We go to the United States to mention Chicago, where there are no more and no less than 517 bars . Almost nothing!

cocktail bar

8- Rome

By very little it surpasses Rome to Chicago, since in its streets we find up to 523 bars in which to drink some of the most popular beers in Italy.

7- Berlin

The cold weather in Berlin can be handled well in two ways: by staying at home or by taking refuge in one of the 596 bars that are marked "open" almost every day of the year.

6- Prague

There are 601 bars in Prague, some of which are very beautiful. There are those that treasure a special charm despite not being too beautiful, since behind there is a story that is worth knowing.


5- Barcelona

We come to the national territory to talk about Barcelona, ​​where you have the opportunity to have a drink in 733 bars .

4- Madrid

In the capital of Spain there is no beach like in Barcelona, ​​but there are more bars where you can have breakfast cheers or enjoy a squid sandwich. In total 865 to stay on the edge of the podium.

3- New York

A city as big as New York could not be left out of this ranking. In the Big Apple we find 875 bars , only 10 more than in Madrid.


2- Tokyo

With so many people walking through its streets, it is not surprising that many Tokyoites have dared to set up a bar. There are 955 , so they could soon exceed the 1,000 barrier, something that for now only the city that heads this list has achieved.

1- London

Why is London so popular with young people? Well, in part because of the large number of bars there. In total there are 1,327 , a figure that far exceeds that of its most immediate persecutor.