The five casinos with the best roulettes in the world

The game and the human being have been united since prehistoric times. There are games of chance that have survived since ancient times, such as roulette , in any of its versions (European, French and American). This game dates from the Middle Ages, according to the documents found, so it is not ruled out that it has older ancestors. Roulette, in these times of social turmoil and the rise and consolidation of digitization, has been able to adapt to the times with its version of online roulette , also capturing the attention of new generations and offering new incentives.

But every good roulette player is aware that playing online roulette does not have the same meaning or the same emotions as doing it on a table in a good prestigious casino. That old flavor never dies, although roulette evolves towards other sectors while maintaining its operational dynamics. These traditional players await, not without some anxiety, a return to normality to travel and play roulette in one of the most important casinos in the world, in which are the most famous roulette wheels from the five continents. These places are usually located in cities with a close historical relationship with gambling; They tend to give off an aroma of maximum luxury through all their walls and they are usually full of life, places where you do not rest, not even at dawn.

What are some of these places? Although the list could be broader, let’s look at the casinos with the best roulette wheels in the world, where the only bet manager, even if it is symbolic money, contains a meaning of considerable magnitudes. If we talk about games and casinos, surely, we all think of Las Vegas. It is the mecca of the game. Or one of them, since some countries on the Asian continent are acquiring an important role. The largest number of casinos are concentrated in Las Vegas. One of the most significant is the Bellagio, although there are many others that even stand out for another series of attractions. Perhaps historically, the Bellagio is the most iconic in Las Vegas. In addition to being a casino, it is a luxury hotel and a location for filming related to roulette and games, such as the Ocean’s Eleven movie.

The Bellagio , managed by the important company MGM Resorts International, has a lake in front of it (recommended are its light, water and sound shows) and its construction is inspired by the Italian town of Bellagio (a town located next to Lake Como) , and hence, consequently, its name. Apart from visiting its luxurious corners, tasting its restaurants, spending a few dollars in its shops or staying in one of its rooms, the Bellagio stands out for its casino, where roulette is not lacking.

As we said, if Las Vegas is the cradle of gambling, its main competitor in this sector is in Asia. Like, for example, Macao (China), where another casino of almost enormous proportions emerges. The Venetian is a 40-story casino resort, being the second largest casino in the world and the seventh building that occupies the largest floor area. Record numbers where a few roulette tables are not missing. Of course, it is a luxury site, even if it is a replica of the casino, with the same name, that appears in Las Vegas.

Europe Casinos

Europe also has other renowned places and a certain luxury. They are not so spectacular, in terms of dimensions, but they are destinations to visit for any tourist and gambling player. One of these casinos is the Monte Carlo Casino (Monaco). The casino is, in addition, an emblem of the small country and with great historical episodes behind it since it was opened back in 1863. Of course, unlike the previous ones, here a greater capital is required, and not only in terms of casino. Another casino with great longevity is the Baden-Banden casino in Germany. It has more than 150 years of history and although it does not have that much name, it is a site much visited by royalty and nobles from birth. And if we do not have a lot of capital to play roulette, we will always be delighted with this architectural gem: a baroque-style building inspired by the Palace of Versailles (France). It is said to be one of the most beautiful casinos in the world, and not only because of its exterior, but because of its interiors. Perhaps it is worth visiting it to play some roulette strips there. Or maybe we can visit one from Spain .

And from Europe we go back to Asia. Specifically, to Singapore. The fifth casino on this list would be the Marina Bay Sands . We are, unlike the casino in Baden-Banden, before the most modern casino in the world and recently created. Elegance and luxury give way to technology and sophistication, while we can enjoy its majesty, despite not being one of the largest in the world. Of course, the entrance to tourists is free, not, logically, to the casino.

Online roulette

While the opportunity appears to make that trip to one of these casinos come true (there are many more in the world), perhaps we can remember the option of playing a roulette through some of the online platforms. If this is the case, we leave you some basic advice, fundamental such as accessing those online casinos that are recognized, not getting carried away by welcome bonuses that make us distrust and choose the roulette well, without worrying about security, because online casinos invest a lot of money in this section . And to win? Advice is difficult to give, although many statisticians and mathematicians have tried to find the key. Truly, roulette, in any of its options, depends a lot on chance, unlike, for example, other games, such as poker, where knowledge is required. In this option, finally, remind you that you can play live roulette, apart from the French, American and European. The rest, have a random side and let the number and color that we have chosen fall. So we win the game.