The 10 best clubs in Ibiza

Ibiza is one of the most popular beach destinations in the world, although its beaches are not exactly what all the tourists who crowd the island are looking for year after year. There is another attraction that cannot be denied, and it is none other than the party that takes place there from May, which is when the main nightclubs in the area tend to raise the blind.

In this article I will tell you about the 10 most important so that you know where you should go to enjoy the best atmosphere. Remember that they are not cheap at all, but the experience is worth living because unforgettable nights are lived with good music, good people and with the best VIP tables in Ibiza. Shall we start?

1- Pacha Ibiza

There are not a few people who decide to travel from all over Spain to enjoy a night at Pacha Ibiza. It is worth looking for a car park at Madrid airport to catch the plane and fly to Ibiza with the illusion of spending unforgettable nights in venues like this one. Those who have done it have repeated, so it will be for something.

You will hardly find a club as successful and legendary as Pacha Ibiza. It belongs to a Spanish group founded in 1967 and they have been installed in the Balearic Islands since 1973 . It is easy to recognize by the mythical cherries in the logo, but also by the festivals that are offered to the delight of the attendees. Without going any further, one of the most popular was the F *** me I’m Famous, which featured the participation of the great David Guetta.

Although they recently opened for the Christmas holidays, the busiest crowd is in the summer months, especially in July and August. In addition, it is good to know that you can not only enjoy the five musical environments of the disco, but you can also stay at the Hotel Pacha, which is open all year round.

At Pacha Ibiza you will hear funky in the Funky Room , Hip-Hop and R&B, electronic varieties, hits from the 80s and 90s in the Sweet Pacha room. You can even access a terrace where you can taste cocktails in the moonlight. And you can also live a unique and exclusive experience by reserving some VIP Pacha Ibiza tables.

2- Amnesia

It is another of the reference clubs in Ibiza. Amnesia is another of those that have been open for a long time, and on top of that they can say that they have achieved the distinction of the best nightclub in the world on up to three occasions. It is not just any award, as it is awarded at the International Dance Music Awards . Years after its founding, in the 80s, hippie parties triumphed in a most bohemian atmosphere. Today things have changed a lot, but fun is guaranteed. Festivities such as the foam (every Sunday), the Cocoon or La Matinée are well known.

The best DJs (Sven Väth, Carl Cox, Paul van Dyk…) are seen there along with celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Leo Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Valentino Rossi, Mick Jagger, Shakira or Elsa Pataky. It is the meeting point for many famous people, but also for anonymous people who want to live the best night of their lives listening to music of all kinds from Monday to Sunday.

3- Privilege

Although it does not have as much cache as Pacha Ibiza or Amnesia, there is no denying that it is another incredible nightclub. In fact, it has a capacity for 10,000 people , which makes it the largest nightclub in the world. There are gardens, a beautiful dome, an indoor pool, a huge hangar where the main room is located…. All this enlivened with the SupermartXé festivals and numerous erotic and thematic shows.

Armin van Buuren , the best DJ in the world five times according to DJ MAG magazine, is one of those who are seen there every year to squeeze their full potential at the ‘A State of Trance: Armin van Buuren’ party.

4- Space

Although you can listen to music of very varied styles, Space is characterized by the quality of its electronic and dance music sessions. Outdoor parties are very popular, as are the DJs who join them.

One of the most popular parties is undoubtedly ‘The Revolution Unites’, which has the presence of Carl Cox. It is one of those that have allowed it to win numerous awards throughout its 28-year history. Normal that the price of a ticket is not cheap.

5- The Divine

It was not a nightclub like the others. The concept was somewhat different. It was located on the seafront and the atmosphere was somewhat more select. Let’s just say it wasn’t your typical "chumba chumba" nightclub.

They started in 1992, although at first they were only dedicated to providing shelter for a minority. Years later they realized that they could do more business if they opened their doors to the general public, and that is what they did with great results. All this until they ended up closing. Its place is now occupied by the Lío nightclub.

The spectacular views of the walled city of Dalt Vila , which can be seen in a thousand wonders from the terrace, were a plus point that allowed them to gain followers in recent years. That and the presence of great DJs like the American Roger Sanchez, who made it possible for house to sound with great force.

6- Bora-Bora

This nightclub is on the Playa d’en Bossa . It is characterized by the parties that are organized precisely there, a few meters from the shore. Electronic music mixes with sand and good cocktails, being able to enjoy it both day and night.

Resident DJs are David Oleart, Javi Muñoz, Taao Kross, John Jacobsen and Rick Maia. All of them are capable of capturing the good vibes on an improvised dance floor that for many is like a beach bar that has broken down and has no closing time.

To make it easier for you when it comes to getting to bed after a crazy night, you should know that right next to the disco you can stay at the Bora Bora Ibiza Apartments .

7- Ushuaïa

We are talking about a luxury hotel that organizes parties around a pool. Although you can spend only a few hours, you can also stay in amazing rooms and suites. Of course, accommodation is quite expensive and we could say that not all tourists who visit Ibiza are looking for something like that.

On the Ushuaïa website they define their rooms and suites as "sophisticated and sexy." The Pioneer Suite, for example, comes with a stereo with mixer, amplifier and subwoofer. Normal, come on.

Leaving aside the accommodation, it must be said that in the pool you surround yourself with good music orchestrated by the best DJs on the international scene. Also palm trees, Balinese beds , go-go dancing until the early hours of the morning on the podiums and VIP tables in Ushuaia Ibiza where you will have a luxurious experience. It is what best defines this nightclub that also sells fashion and accessories.

8- Eden

It is another disco of a considerable size. Its capacity of 5,000 people says it all. It was founded in 1999 in San Antonio Bay and in 2013 they completely renovated the club. It has a large main room and another room with independent access that can boast a unique sound thanks to the Void Incubus Gold.

It has two VIP areas with private parking , several levels, different heights and many bars where cocktails of all kinds are served. House music and techno are the protagonists.

9- Ocean Beach

It is also in San Antonio and we could say that it makes a lot of noise. Everything revolves around a pool in which nothing is missing. There are champagne from the best brands, gogós that never stop and endless surprises that you have to experience in the first person.

It opened its doors in 2012 and has a restaurant (Sunset Roof Garden) and a concert café (Pearl Lounge) where good music is guaranteed. For more information, I recommend you visit their website, which curiously is only in English. It is noted that they are aimed at the foreign tourist, who is the one with the greatest purchasing power.

10- It is Paradis

It is owned by the same businessman who founded Café del Mar. It is a nightclub with a long history that is popular with its white decoration and gardens, which are usually open to the public from May onwards.

Although it is characterized by tranquility, there are very intense nights in which the Ibizan night is lived as if there were no tomorrow. Especially when they organize the Water Festival, in which they shoot thousands of liters so that everyone ends up drenched.

Through this link you can check the location of all these clubs.

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