The most Christmas towns in Spain

There is little left to celebrate Christmas within an atypical year because the changes in measures do not stop happening due to the covid-19 . Anyway, those who can leave their town to celebrate these festivities or have a few days off to take a little break and make a getaway, have a good option in several towns in Spain , which are characterized by being closely linked to Christmas. And, although these celebrations are always associated more with the United States, there is a lot of history , tradition and charm here , being a good occasion to soak up the Christmas spirit.

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are one of the main destinations for Christmas. And reasons are not lacking for the good weather. But, within the archipelago, there is an area that is especially linked to Christmas. It is the Playa de las Canteras in Tenerife . Here a huge sand nativity scene is made .

This means that, every year, it is a meeting point for many artists from different countries who come together to create Christmas scenes in just one week. In addition, on this beach, it is also common to celebrate New Year’s Eve, gathering there to drink the grapes and celebrate New Year’s Eve and the arrival of the New Year. However, this year, it is advisable to consult before about the holding of these celebrations in this and in the rest of the destinations because, due to the pandemic, they may have variations.


And what would Christmas be without nougat ? To know how it is made and taste the most original and traditional products, you have to head to Jijona. This town in the Valencian Community is considered the world capital of Nougat, apart from being the cradle of Xixona soft nougat, which is still made with the traditional recipe of almonds, honey and sugar.

In this municipality, you can also visit the Nougat Museum in which visits are organized that allow you to learn all the history of this typical Christmas sweet, as well as the confectionery industry in the area.

And since you are in Jijona, you can take advantage of it to visit its old town , which is characterized by very picturesque streets full of charm in an environment surrounded by mountains and Valencian beaches.


And near Jijona is Alcoy, a municipality that also maintains a close relationship with Christmas. Not surprisingly, here the cavalcade of Kings oldest in Spain and the world is organized, dating from 1866.

Every year, it is a tradition that on January 5 at 6:00 p.m., the streets are filled with a party to tour the town and celebrate the Adoration and see how the Magi arrive. It is a tradition that is worthwhile because, in addition, this festival is of national tourist interest .

Buitrago del Lozoya

This municipality in the Community of Madrid is known for its living nativity scene , which is organized every year with a large dose of realism. In addition, it is striking because it is carried out in a very special environment because this town has a walled enclosure of Muslim origin, which is part of the historical heritage of Spain. In this environment, the Bethlehem and 41 scenes take place that are distributed throughout the historic center.


And, finally, we finished the route in the south of Spain. Specifically, in the town of Almuñécar, in Granada, which has become very famous for its Christmas lights . And it seems that you are in a large city or metropolis, despite being a municipality in which its population does not reach 30,000 inhabitants.