The funniest stories in hotels

funny stories hotels
If you liked the list of rare items seized on airplanes and were surprised by the rare requests that some guests had made in certain hotels , wait to see what we have in store for today.

And is that the website has conducted the " Top Secret Hotel Survey " to 500 hoteliers from around the world, who were asked about the funniest and most interesting stories they had experienced. Do you want to know some of the most hilarious? Well, do not lose detail of what we tell you below!

Love and sex

Unsurprisingly, some of the funniest stories are related to love or sex. For example, in a hotel in Madrid, a couple who had just celebrated their wedding night, woke up in the morning with another man lying next to them. Apparently, it was a guest who had arrived drunk and had been confused about the room. They also recounted cases such as that of a fight between the lover and the husband of a woman, the story of a meeting between a politician and a nude model, or that of a couple who became too effusive on the terrace of their hotel in New York. so much so that the accommodation received complaints from the building opposite.

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More emotional is the story of a hotel in Budapest, which received a photo of a newborn who had been conceived a few months earlier in its establishment.


The anecdotes about nudity are also numerous: guests left out of the rooms by mistaking the bathroom door for the exit door, half-naked couples screaming down the hall; a drunk and naked father and son at the front desk; Bachelor parties that end with guests running naked through the bar …

Death and the shark

A man was stunned when when he opened the door to his room he saw the hotel manager (dressed in black) and the chef (in white). His answer was clear: "My time has not yet come." And in a hotel in Las Vegas a shark managed to get into a pool. Imagine the panic the guests felt!

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Ignorance and a lot of nose

Also surprised was the receptionist of an Edinburgh hotel who took a call from a man who could not leave the room because there was "a do not disturb there sign" on the door; the one who saw a man come down to be taught how to use the telephone, which turned out to be the television remote; or the managers of a hotel in Milan, who saw a whole family trying to climb into the room through the balcony after having booked only one double room.