The House of Terror in Budapest

The horror genre is becoming increasingly successful around the world, especially thanks to the many series and movies of the genre that are coming out lately, all of them with a large following. That is why, when it comes to traveling, people are increasingly looking for the terrifying places that can be found in any city. That is why today I would like to write about the House of Terror in Budapest , a perfect museum for horror lovers.

Located at 60 Andrassy Avenue, this House of Terror has exhibits related to the fascist and communist dictatorial regimes that ruled Hungary during the 20th century, also having a monument that is a tribute to all the victims that these regimes left behind. Among those honored are also those who were killed, tortured or detained in the building.

A terrifying story

The museum was inaugurated in 2002 and was formerly the headquarters of the Nazi Secret Police and also the offices of the Communist Party during the Soviet occupation period. It is a very interesting place that shows one of the darkest chapters of the past of this country, thus knowing what life was like when fascists and communists ruled and seeing what activities were carried out by members of the Secret Police, including torture .

Before the museum was inaugurated, the building underwent a complete remodeling both inside and outside, and in its exterior structure you can see a huge frame with the word TERROR, indicative of what can be found there. Among his exhibitions you can find a lot of material that details Hungary’s relations with Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union, as well as others related to various Hungarian organizations.