The island of Oahu, a wonder in Hawaii

On some occasion I have told you that I love watching travel programs on TV so that I can recommend one that is worth visiting. Today I have not taken it from a program but from a series, "Hawaii 5.0" , which I never get lost and that in each chapter I am blown away by the landscapes that there are. One of the places that comes out a lot is Oahu , one of its main islands and which has spectacular beauty.

On the island of Oahu there are cities as important as Honolulu , one of the most important in Hawaii. There are also others that are worthwhile such as Kaneohe, Kailua or Kahaku, all of them with many corners to discover and with spectacular landscapes that you will not be able to see in many places. In addition, in all of them you can practice different outdoor activities, especially surfing thanks to its many beaches with big waves and where various championships are held.

Ohau is undoubtedly the ideal place if you want to enjoy spectacular beaches and relax during your holidays to be able to rest as you deserve. Oahu is also the Hawaiian island in which there is more population and that has a greater development in terms of structures, but fortunately the construction of hotels and buildings has not disturbed the landscape much, something that usually happens in other natural paradises.

Very close to Waikiki beach you will find amazing tropical forests that are perfect for hiking and being in contact with nature in a very special way. To get to Oahu you can do it by boat or by plane (Honolulu airport). Many international cruises stop on Oahu and there are also many ships that will take you there from other locations. The main cities of the island have a port so it will be easy to get there, plus there is a ferry that connects several ports on the island so that getting to know everything is easier.