The London Underground

london subway
If you travel to London, it is essential to know how to get around in order to get from one point to another in the city faster. Among all the possibilities offered by public transport, one of the most used by all is the metro , since it is the fastest and most comfortable means, there are many stops and it offers excellent service.

As a curiosity to tell you that it is the oldest in the world, and one of the largest: 275 stations and branches that run throughout the city. It is operational every day from 5:30 in the morning to 00:30 at night, with the exception of Sundays that have a somewhat shorter schedule, from 7:30 to 23:30.

It is a completely safe transport and its operation is similar to that of any other metro in the world, so it will not be difficult for you to understand it if you have already ridden a metro at some time. You only have to pay attention to the signals on the platforms depending on the destinations , since in some cases there are branches or detours and the final stops of a train do not have to be the last of the line.

It consists of 12 lines , each one of a different color, and which are distinguished according to the direction: Northbound, Eastbound, Westbound or Southbound. As on any major city tube, it is wise to avoid rush hours when Londoners enter or leave work. And do not forget to respect the rule of standing to the right so as not to obstruct the passage in corridors and stairs.