The most beautiful towns in Teruel

Are you already planning your autumn getaways? Well, today we are going to propose a great plan: visit the spectacular towns that our country hides. And it is that Spain has nothing to envy when it comes to rural tourism. Specifically, today we move to the Aragonese province of Teruel , which is much more than its capital, a city declared an Artistic Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO thanks to its impressive set of Mudejar monuments.

One of the great attractions of the province of Teruel are its towns . In fact, six of them are part of The Most Beautiful Towns of Spain, an association that was born with the aim of making known the wonderful towns that dot the Spanish geography, places of great beauty that exude culture, history and tradition. Would you like to discover the six Teruel towns selected by the organization? Well, you just have to join us!


First of all, we want to talk about Valderrobres, a town in the Matarraña region (northwest of the province) that surprises with its valuable architectural heritage . Thus, its attractions are numerous: the stone bridge that gives access to the town, its imposing castle, its six hermitages from medieval and modern times, the church of Santa María la Mayor, the Town Hall … How could it be otherwise , its urban fabric is made up of narrow and winding streets.


The Most Beautiful Towns of Spain has also selected Calaceite, which is located between the valleys of the Matarraña and Alga rivers, very close to the Catalan border . Declared a Historic-Artistic Site, this beautiful town houses many corners that are worth visiting, such as the Plaza Mayor, which houses the Town Hall, dating from 1609; the parish church of La Asunción; the chapel of San Antonio; or its hermitages. In addition, it is important to bear in mind that the Iberian site of San Antonio can also be found in the municipal area.


How could it be otherwise, Albarracín is also present on this list. Former capital of a Taifa kingdom, this small town surprises for having preserved its Islamic and medieval spirit. Its old town stands out, declared a Site of Cultural Interest; its steep streets; City Hall; the cathedral of El Salvador; and the Diocesan Museum, which houses a valuable collection of Flemish tapestries. It is important to note that it has been proposed by UNESCO to be declared a World Heritage Site.

Rubielos de Mora

Rubielos de Mora is also part of the list of The Most Beautiful Towns in Spain, something that does not surprise us at all, since it is one of the most attractive urban areas in the province. It is a walled enclosure that houses precious stately things, picturesque corners and spectacular buildings. IF you have the opportunity to visit this place, you should not miss the Excolegiata Santa María la Mayor and the Town Hall, the most monumental civil building.


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We also have to talk about Cantavieja, the nerve center of the Maestrazgo, which houses a splendid monumental and architectural heritage. In fact, it has one of the most complete Gothic ensembles in Aragon. The ruins of its old castle, its narrow streets and its medieval-style houses stand out. The arcaded Plaza Mayor, which houses the Town Hall and the Asunción church, is one of its main points of interest. Other notable buildings are the church of San Miguel, the baroque hospital of San Roque and some manor houses.


Finally, we have to talk about Puertomingalvo, a picturesque place that surprises with its castle. Like the previous ones, it is also a town with narrow streets, in which you can find buildings of popular architecture. Among them, the City Hall, from the 14th century, stands out, one of the most pampered Gothic works in the province of Teruel.

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