The Sigmund Freud museum in Vienna

Sigmund Freud is one of the great intellectual figures in history, being mainly the founder of psychoanalysis. Of Austrian origin, the place where he was born now belongs to the Czech Republic, but he spent most of his life in Vienna , although he died in London. Precisely, the place where he lived in the Austrian capital is now a museum in his honor, the Viennese Sigmund Freud Museum .

On the tour of his old apartment , visitors will enjoy an exhibition that reflects all of Freud’s life in detail, highlighting the most relevant moments of it and that are already part of history. There are the furniture that he had, articles that he used daily, various antiques … in addition, temporary exhibitions are also organized with articles that are not on view the rest of the year.

The museum

This museum is in the Alsergrund district, specifically in Bergasse 19 street . It was built when Freud moved there in 1891, being his home until 1938 when he had to leave the country during World War II , which caused him to move to London. The rooms are very old, but it is logical since he lived there for almost 50 years and much more has passed. In them he gave life to almost all his writings, and now they are the place to find a large part of his works.



It is also worth noting the decoration of the museum , which was the decoration that Freund had in his home and that he put up with the help of his daughter Anna. Original furniture, a waiting room, a collection of antiques, the first editions of his works, signed copies… all this is part of the decoration of this place, where every detail is of immense historical value . At first, few areas were open to the public, but in view of the success, rooms were expanded, and currently the entire apartment is available to visit.