The smallest and most romantic restaurant in the world

Only Per Due
You already know the best restaurants in the world, the most expensive and the most romantic. What do you think if we now introduce you to the smallest restaurant on the planet? It is located in Vacone , about 70 kilometers from Rome and is only for two people.

This is Solo Per Due (Only for two), the perfect place for a romantic dinner, since it only consists of a table for two people, so all the attention is taken by you and your companion. And it is that you will only have to shake a silver bell to have the waiter at your entire disposal. Do you want to know more details about this curious Italian restaurant?

An incredible experience

The experience of dining at the Solo Per Due restaurant begins even before you sit down at the table. And it is that a garden with different species of palm trees, brought from all over the world, acts as a prelude to the 19th century building that houses the establishment. As if that were not enough, a path of candles will lead you to the smile of Remo Di Claudio, the owner of the restaurant.

Only Per Due1

The menu

The menu, which costs 250 euros per person, offers the benefits of Vacone, located in the province of Riete, in central Italy. This place has gastronomic specialties such as olive oil, pecorino cheese, a wide variety of mushrooms, wild fruits, pasta and homemade bread, exquisite meat and local sweets. Of course, this menu excludes champagne, some wines and flower arrangements.

Extra services

In addition, the restaurant offers extra services such as fireworks, a limousine with a driver or a Ferrari to get to the building. And if this was not enough, you can specify the type of menu, the type of music and the type of event. In the case of a romantic dinner, a heart-shaped cake will be included.