The smallest beaches in Spain

We all like to see and visit very large beaches where we can enjoy some privacy despite the fact that there are many people, in addition to almost all of them have many services and we can have everything we need to enjoy a day at the beach without missing anything. But from time to time, we all also like to be able to visit smaller, more intimate beaches, to be able to enjoy more tranquility or solitude.

In our country there are a large number of small beaches that are equally spectacular and worth visiting, especially if you are looking for privacy. Today I would like to show you some of the smallest beaches in Spain , where you will surely find a perfect corner to spend a day of rest:

Gulpiyuri Beach

It is in Asturias , specifically in a municipality called Nave , and it has a spectacular natural beauty thanks to its vegetation and rocks, among other things. It is only 50 meters long and you can do nudism. It is a beach that is especially visited by those who live in the area, but there are usually hardly any people there. It is surrounded by limestone rocks and was created in the interior part since the erosion created a small tunnel and a cave that sank and the beach appeared.

Meñakoz Beach

It is in Barrika, Vizcaya , and it is 270 meters long and only 30 meters wide, so it does not fit many people but it is not a problem since it does not have much influx. She is also a nudist and is protected by rocks and somewhat isolated. It does not have any type of service but it is certain that you will find tranquility all over the world.

Cantarrijan Beach

She is in Almuñécar (Granada) and she is also a nudist. It is 380 meters long and 48 meters wide, it has a couple of leisure services and a somewhat complicated access that makes it very quiet. It has dark sand and gravel but its waters are very calm and not very cold.

La Viborillas Beach

It is in Benalmádena (Málaga) and it is also a nudist, without a promenade and with very few services. It is 350 meters long and 15 meters wide, and it is very beautiful as it is protected with vegetation. This beach is usually quite crowded, so you may not find all the tranquility that you would find in the others.

La Rijana Beach

It is in Granada and has very little public influx. It is of dark sand and calm sea, without any services and very isolated, perfect to enjoy privacy and tranquility. It measures 250 meters long and 20 meters wide.

Maro Beach

It is in Nerja , in the province of Malaga, and is 500 meters long and only 20 wide. Its appearance is wild and it has dark sand, with moderate waves that are sometimes somewhat strong. There are usually not many people.