The Tower of Pisa

If you are going to travel to Italy and you are making a compilation of the most famous places of interest around the world, you should undoubtedly include in that list the Tower of Pisa, the bell tower of the Cathedral of Pisa and which is in the region of Tuscany, where Pisa is the capital and also has the most important airport in the region, the Galileo Galilei Airport . It is probably one of the most famous towers in the world thanks to its inclination, which makes millions of tourists visit it every year and take the typical photo simulating that they push themselves to make it straight.

The Tower of Pisa began to be built in the 12th century and shortly after it suffered the inclination, but they left it that way and did not straighten its course. When the third floor was reached, the works stopped because the ground had begun to sink, and that was the case for 90 years until it was decided to continue with its construction. It has eight levels with a base of arches with 15 columns that are added to the other 6 levels that have a bell tower at the top and an internal staircase that has a whopping 294 steps.

If you are going to visit the Tower of Pisa you will also be able to discover a spectacular historical complex, perhaps the most impressive of all Romanesque architecture in Italy and which is the one that makes up the Piazza dei Miracoli in Pisa, which has a gray marble front with stripes on it. white and bristly and with several columns and arches with a Cathedral that has an Islamic dome. This Cathedral was the first monument in Campo dei Miracoli to be built. A spectacular architectural landscape that you will not be able to enjoy in many more places.