The underwater museum of Croatia opens

Croatia has become one of the most visited tourist destinations in Europe and the truth is that it is not surprising because this country bathed by the Adriatic has countless things to offer (beautiful beaches, more than 1,000 islands, picturesque villages, incredible natural parks …).

What the Croatian coasts still did not have, nor those of practically any other country in the world, was an underwater museum, yet another reason to visit the island, in case its 6,000 kilometers of beaches for all audiences were not enough.

An underwater historical park in Croatia

Thus, from now on, divers who dive into the turquoise waters of the Adriatic will not only be able to see the diversity of its flora and fauna, but will also have the opportunity to visit the first underwater historical park in Croatia, located on the island of Losinj. .


The value of the museum

This underwater museum is located a few meters from the sea surface and houses replicas of Venetian cannons, amphoras from antiquity, anchors from the 4th and 5th centuries and machine guns from World War II, among other objects found in Croatian waters. Without a doubt, the biggest attraction is a replica of the " Apoxyomeno of Croatia ", a Greek bronze from the 4th century BC. Which is one of the best preserved Greek statues of this type. The replica that divers will be able to enjoy is in its natural size, it measures 1.92 meters in height and is located standing in the deepest part of the underwater park.

Beginning diver program

Although the visit to this historical submarine park is ideal for expert divers, there is also a program for all people who lack experience, the " Discovery Dive " (55 euros), which includes a class on the use of diving equipment, the tour with the instructor and a diploma-souvenir of the first dive. Of course, you have to book it one day in advance.