The Valley of the Monks, in Mexico

It is one of the most surprising places in all of Mexico, and you will find it very close to the city of Chihuahua . What is really special about this landscape are its rock formations , which have a very unconventional appearance, with their elongated shapes.

It is a mountain range belonging to the Sierra de la Tarahumara , which is part of the so-called Copper Canyon system, composed of elongated rocks that look like giants, or monks , hence its name. If you ever travel to this part of the Mexican country, do not hesitate to visit this peculiar rocky valley.

Shaped by the action of wind and water

The passage of time and the action of atmospheric elements has created, on numerous occasions and in different parts of the planet, incredible landscapes of great beauty and peculiarity . That is precisely what has happened in the Mexican Valley of the Monks, a place that today receives many visits thanks to those special rocky forms.

These unique and ancient rocks are of sedimentary origin, but their exterior is limestone. The extreme climate of the area, especially the rainwater and strong winds, are responsible for gradually crumbling the outer limestone part of the rocks. Thus, the rocks have been acquiring capricious and pointed shapes , to configure one of the strangest landscapes on the planet.

As if it were an army of gigantic monks , the rugged landscape contributes to increasing its isolation. So much so, and this is not known by most of the tourists who come to contemplate the rocks of the valley, is that a tribe has lived in the area for many years, living completely outside of any other civilization. It is an illiterate people who have kept their culture intact and who have their own independent form of government.