This summer protect yourself from mosquito bites

Did you know that common mosquitoes have 47 teeth? Surely it does not surprise you, since their bites usually leave their mark for a few days. In fact, they can sometimes cause diseases like Zika, so it pays to conscientiously protect yourself.

At Vuela Viajes we love to recommend destinations and we want you to travel anywhere in the world, although always with the maximum possible security. By this we mean wearing the right clothes, carrying a small first aid kit, being careful with the food you eat or using a mosquito repellent like Normopic , whose range offers solutions for each person.

Normopic is a Normon product that becomes your best barrier against mosquitoes , anti-Zika and other diseases caused by the bite of these famous insects. You just have to choose the right one to repel them, or to relieve a sting. To find out which one is best for you, I recommend you go to or ask at the pharmacy.

Normopic forte

It is served in a spray format (75 ml.) And is effective against Aedes spp (transmitters of Zika or yellow fever), Culex spp (the most common mosquitoes) and Anopheles spp (transmitters of malaria). It offers up to 9 hours of protection against the Culex quinquefasciatus mosquito.

Normopic roll-on

It is a very effective product against the bite of a good handful of species of mosquitoes, including those that transmit yellow fever and filariasis. It is applied using the roll-on.


Normopic roll-on child

It is specially designed for the little ones in the house, which it protects for 6 hours from the most common mosquito bites. It is made without parabens and without alcohol, being easy to apply thanks to its roll-on format.

Soothing Normopic

Its mission is none other than to relieve itching immediately by cooling and calming the affected area. It is served in stick format.

Normopic soothing patches

Its active substances are responsible for hydrating, softening and refreshing the area where a bite has occurred. They are patches that do not contain ammonia and that are applied easily and without leaving a stain.

Finally, comment that there is currently a promotion underway with which you can take a beach ball home. For more information, the best thing you can do is go to the nearest pharmacy.