Tips for going around the world

around the world tips1
There is a dream that the vast majority of travel lovers share: to go around the world . Without a doubt, a trip around the world can be a magical and super enriching experience, although it is only suitable for the most adventurous. Fortunately, today it is much easier and cheaper to carry out this dream. In addition, there are many ways to achieve it.

What we want to do today at Vuela Viajes is give you some useful tips so that your experience going around the world is a success. Would you like to join us?

Route planning

The first thing you should do after deciding to go around the world is to plan the entire trip well, thinking about the impediments that may arise and, above all, about the places you want to visit. In this sense, you should take into account your budget, since there are places more expensive than others. In addition, it is important that you think about the cultural differences that you can find in the different destinations to know in which part of the trip you want to face them. Of course, when organizing the tour you should also take the weather into account, trying to always follow the summer and, thus, carry little luggage, and avoid storms and tornadoes. On the other hand, we recommend that you set an approximate limit of days per country.

around the world tips

Round World Ticket

As we told you at the beginning, today it is much easier to go around the world, among other things thanks to the Round the World ticket, which will allow you to optimize time and reduce costs. You can contract it with any airline, although you must bear in mind that not in all cases the destinations you want to go will be included, nor will the desired dates always be available.

Insurance and documentation

Going around the world is a real adventure, but it is best to avoid the least possible risks. The best way to achieve this is to purchase insurance. Of course, depending on the activities you are going to do or the destinations you plan to visit, you will have to choose one type of insurance or another. In any case, your policy should include health care and repatriation. In addition, other products are recommended: luggage, civil liability, accidental death coverage, additional travel expenses … In fact, there are companies that offer targeted insurance for people who are going to go around the world. On the other hand, you should not forget that in some countries it is necessary to have a visa, documentation that you must obtain in advance. As for the passport, it better be new.

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Baggage and other important things to consider

Another important point when planning a trip around the world is luggage. The ideal if you plan to travel to unusual places is to carry a flexible backpack, although it is also a good idea to opt for a small-sized wheeled suitcase. Also, it is important not to overload it. The best thing is that it does not weigh more than 20 kilos to be able to get it on the plane. Thus, you should introduce only the necessary elements: underwear, a pair of changes, a raincoat, a fleece, a swimsuit, thermal shirts and pants and the essential hygiene products. On the other hand, before embarking on your trip around the planet you should also take other issues into account. For example, it is important that you inform yourself of the vaccines that you must get to travel to certain destinations. In any case, you must include anti-mosquito products in your suitcase. As for money, we recommend that you always carry cash in both euros and dollars, although you must also carry the Visa.