Tips for hiring a cruise

Cruises are gaining more and more followers every day and the truth is that it is not surprising because in these authentic floating cities converted into five-star hotels you can, in addition to visiting wonderful cities, eat in first-class restaurants, relax in a spa with a gym and hot tubs or attend theatrical shows.

Despite the fact that the cruise trend is more booming than ever, many doubts continue to arise among travelers. Therefore, today we want to give you some tips to hire these trips. They will be of great help to you!

Cruises with children

Many companies are betting on cruises focused on families, although it is not always easy to travel with children: although many ships have the option of reserving family cabins for up to six people, the offer of these cabins is limited, so if you want to travel With the family in the same cabin , you must make the reservation in advance. In addition, it should be taken into account that the boats have safety measures so that children can enjoy the activities quietly.



Regarding food, you should know that on all cruises there are special menus for allergy sufferers, celiacs or people suffering from any type of food intolerance, although it is better to be cautious and say so in the travel agency itself when making the reservation. Also, it is better to notify the maitre d ‘once inside the cruise.

Descent to port

You should also bear in mind that although the mooring ports are recommended to visit, they are never mandatory , so you do not have to get off at all ports.



It is important that you keep in mind that you book when you book, if you finally cannot enjoy the cruise, you will always have cancellation costs that are set by the shipping company and they always depend on the advance with which the trip is canceled. Therefore, it is better to take out multi-assistance and cancellation insurance .

All inclusive

On the other hand, you should know that when it speaks of "All inclusive", it refers to the drinks consumed on board the ship (some alcoholic beverages, water, juices and soft drinks.