What to do in Ibiza out of season

When they talk to us about Ibiza, we imagine ourselves enjoying an unforgettable summer vacation. However, it must be said that the white island is more than a fantastic destination that we can visit beyond the hottest months of the year, since its offer not only follows the attractiveness of the sea and the fame of its clubs , but that there is much more to discover.

Without going any further, some of its towns are included among cities with weight. Next I am going to talk to you about a series of plans that do not understand about seasons.

Dalt Vila, an old town with a lot of charm

If you travel to Ibiza in autumn or winter, you will surely have time to stop at places like Dalt Vila, a historic center that has been declared a World Heritage Site for obvious reasons. In addition to contemplating its beauty, you can climb to the top to be surprised by spectacular views of both the sea and the island. In fact, you can even see neighboring Formentera.

Street markets

flea market-Ibiza
The Ibiza markets, which one can hardly go to in summer because of the heat and the large number of people who visit them, offer a great opportunity during the coldest months of the year. Their hippie appearance is unmistakable, something that makes one want to visit them even if they are not going to buy. Sant Jordi is the most recommended market for those looking for bargains, since many second-hand products, antiques and collectors’ items are sold. Finally, the Las Dalias market is the most popular at Christmas, as it is decked out for the occasion by making typical seasonal products available to visitors.

Virgin beaches

In summer we go easy, to visit the beaches that are highlighted on all maps. They are the most beautiful and that makes it difficult to put on the towel during the weeks with the most influx of tourists, so we have no choice but to be patient if we want to spend a day in them.

Quite the opposite happens in winter, since the beaches are unpopulated. Especially the virgins, who are the ones that preserve that charm that little by little can be lost due to the overcrowding. If you want to walk on the sand, Es Cavallet and Las Salinas are the best. In fact, you could walk the path that separates the two by visiting other beaches. Whether you want to get into the water later depends on how brave you are.

Romantic sunsets

They are seen in summer, and of course they can also be seen in winter. Of course, you do not have to wait until 9 at night. In Cala Comte, Punta Galera, Las Salinas or Es Vedrà you will have everything in your favor to take out the camera and capture an incredible show. That is if you do not decide to witness it from a boat , of course, which is even more memorable.

Enjoy the most natural food

If what you want is to fill your belly with quality products, I recommend you visit the Aubergine restaurant, which due to its organic nature has made many customers fall in love. Everything they serve comes from the garden and that is something that shows in the flavor. Free-range eggs to taste, a tomato, avocado and goat cheese salad, peasant bread with melted cheese and oregano … No one is left hungry. In any case, one is left wanting to return as soon as they say goodbye to the restaurant employees.

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