Tips for traveling in Europe

-Save time and money by avoiding going back for skipping an important visit. Make an itinerary of everything you want to visit. You can start with “ easy ” places such as England and continue your journey until you reach countries like Turkey. Experts recommend visiting the cheapest places with the highest health risks at the end of the trip.

-Use ATMs and traveler’s checks. Be careful with the commissions at the ATMs, although keep in mind that this way you will get the money faster. Make the largest money withdrawals you can so that they only charge you the fees once. Keep your money safely. Try to pay as much as you can with cash.

-If you visit several countries and you have to buy the typical gifts for friends, try to buy the gifts in the most curious and interesting places. Surely an Eiffel Tower does not make the same illusion as a curious little Viking ship from Oslo.

-Try to adapt to the tastes of each country, you must try the most characteristic of each country: tea time in England, beer in Prague, French red wine, cod from Portugal, reindeer meat in Norway, etc.

-If you go in a group, you can save money by renting a car and paying for it together. If you need to catch a flight, look among the cheapest companies that offer very good service such as Ryanair or Easyjet . The only problem is that these types of companies tend to use airports a little further from the city. Check it.

-Inform yourself of when are the high and low seasons in each country so that hotel reservations can be cheaper.

-Save time and money by buying tickets for the monuments you want to visit in advance.

-Remember the issue of tips . Each country has customs.