Tips to make the most of Formentera

Formentera is one of the earthly paradises that we can find in Spain. There are not a few people who decide to visit the island after hearing the good comments from friends and family who have already had the opportunity to put their feet there.

In this article I am going to give you some tips to make the most of Formentera, so take note and do not doubt that it is one of the best holiday destinations in Europe for several reasons.

Book in advance

As usually happens in places that are very touristy and do not have much offer, you have to hurry when booking air tickets (to Ibiza) and accommodation, since reservations made a few weeks before the arrival date are usually considerably more expensive. That is why I recommend you compare prices of hotels and apartments on specialized websites, while you should do the same with flights to buy tickets in advance .

In that sense, there is another reservation that should not be left until the last minute. It is the car rental, something practically essential to enjoy Formentera without restrictions. If you search in time for Formentera Car Rental on Google, you will find very good prices and models for all tastes.

Visit the best beaches

As you can imagine, the best of Formentera are its beaches. Many are paradisiacal, as is the case of Ses Illetes , which has appeared on numerous occasions in the main rankings of magazines that show us the best beaches on the planet. You should also take your towel to S’Espalmador, Llevant Beach, Cala Saona or Caló des Mort. You will not regret it at all and you will forget about all the troubles.


Find a good restaurant

Although the island is by no means large, it is not difficult to find restaurants where you can taste delicious dishes with a taste of the sea . Let yourself be guided by the opinions of other people who have visited them and compare prices. You will see that there is a lot of pasta and pizza offer, something that is not surprising if we take into account that in Formentera there are many Italians who not only come to spend the summer, but also decide to put down roots by starting a business for the public.

Tourism beyond the beaches

Fortunately, although the plan to go to the beach is the most popular and the one that most appeals when the weather is good, you can also enjoy the beauty of some of its towns. There are few, it is true, but you can have a good time in towns like Sant Francesc Xavier , which is considered one of the most beautiful towns in the Balearic Islands .

The Formentera viewpoint and the La Mola lighthouse

If you are looking for spectacular views, there are two places that you should mark in red. From the viewpoint of Formentera, which you will reach by going up to La Mola, you will be able to see the shape of the island and that beautiful mix of vegetation and sea that explains why it is so paradisiacal. In the Faro de la Mola, on the other hand, what you will have before you is a cliff of about 200 meters high that will not leave you indifferent. In fact, he did not do it with Jules Verne , who was inspired by said lighthouse to unleash one of his novels. You may not write a book, but you can get carried away by the romance of a spectacular sunset.

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