Travel to Ottawa, Canada

Canada is a country that gains more tourism every year, thanks in part to its proximity to the United States but also to many cities that have a lot of charm and are worth visiting. Of all Canadian cities, one that I really like is Ottawa, so I will dedicate this article to her. As you probably already know, it is the capital of the country.

Ottawa borders Quebec, another of the most important Canadian cities. It is the fourth most populated city in the country and one of the great tourist references. Its climate is temperate, although temperatures can be very different at different times of the year. Thus, in winter it can be below zero, while in summer it is difficult to widely exceed 20ºC.


There are many very interesting museums in this city. Among them are the Aviation and Space Museum (it houses civil and military aircraft, some of them participants in World War II), the Currency Museum (it is in the Bank of Canada and has an exhibition with thousands of coins and bills ) or the Museum of Science and Technology (one of the most important in the country and with many important technological advances).

Other places of interest

It is also worth visiting other places such as the Parliament of Ottawa, the Rideau Canal (where you ice skating in winter) or Gatineau Park (one of the most beautiful parks in the city). If you visit Ottawa in May, it is essential to go through the Tulip Festival , a festival that fills the city with this beautiful flower and during which concerts, exhibitions or workshops on various themes are organized.