Rocky Mountaineer: the train that shows you the natural beauty of Canada

Choosing Canada as a tourist destination is a success. It is because it is a country as great as the beauty of its mountains, lakes and canyons. That is why there are not a few people who decide to undertake a trip beyond the United States with the aim of merging with nature.

In addition to visiting the most beautiful towns in Canada , which is highly recommended, it is worth getting on a train with which you soak up all that natural essence, traveling kilometers and kilometers with all the comfort in the world and enjoying privileged views. Your name? Write it down: Rocky Mountaineer .

The best views in Canada

Each day he travels about 450 kilometers during the day. In fact, it is a train full of windows that allows you to see everything from your seat, which is why it is only in operation during the brightest months of the year, which go from April to October.

You can book a trip on the Rocky Mountaineer for between 4 and 14 nights , which is why each ticket includes a gourmet cooking service for breakfast and lunch. The menu is full of local produce and the dishes are prepared by award-winning chefs, so they are not just anything. All seasoned by the best British Columbia wines.


Four great options

During the night you say goodbye to the train and sleep in hotels. Before that happens, you start the adventure based on one of the four great routes available: Coastal Passage, Rainforest to Gold Rush, Journey Through the Clouds or First Passage of the West.

Coastal Passage is the one that takes you along the Pacific coast, so it is the most recommended for beach lovers. You start in Seattle, go through Vancouver, and end in Lake Louisse or Banff.

Rainforest to Gold Rush starts in Vancouver and takes you to Jasper, and this time, as its name suggests, the journey allows you to explore the Canadian rainforest, including highlights such as Fraser Canyon, Gold Pan City (Quensel) and the Cariboo Plateau Ranches.

Journey Through the Clouds is the one that takes you higher as it traverses the Rocky Mountains of Canada. And last but not least, the First Passage of the West route is the most authentic of all, as it passes through spiral tunnels to show you the historic route of the Canadian Pacific Railway.

Much more than a train ride

Not only will you have to choose the routes, but you will also be able to choose the activities, hotels and tours that you want to carry out. What do I mean? To the helicopter trip that you can book, to a visit to the Yoho National Park, the Banff cable car or the most demanded tour: the one that allows you to watch whales.

Below you can see a video of the First Passage to the West route that will give you long teeth.

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