Travel to Taboga Island in Panama

Now that summer has arrived, we are all thinking about vacations at the beach and days off to get out of the routine a bit. Although it is likely that if you go on vacation this summer you already have the trip organized, today I would like to recommend a wonderful place for you to take into account for your next trip, or if you have not yet decided where you are going this year, you will surely loves. It is about Isla Taboga , a wonder that is in Panama and that you fall in love with just looking at it in photos, so in person I imagine much more.

In Isla Taboga you can enjoy paradisiacal beaches with warm waters, fine sand and boat trips to get to know the best of the landscape that composes it. It is a very small island but it has many places of interest that you can visit, as well as a very picturesque and charming little town. It is a very quiet island, so much so that you hardly see cars, there are not many shops and the people who live there take it all very calmly.

This island is also called Isla de las Flores , especially those who live in the area since there are many flowers there and its people are also very hospitable. In order to get to this island you can do it from the continental coast of Panama, there are several options and they are all very safe and fast. There are ferry services that take a little less than an hour to make the journey and that leave quite frequently, 7 days a week.

Although you can go on an excursion, you can also choose Isla Taboga as your vacation destination as there are all kinds of accommodations , from luxury hotels to cheaper apartments or youth hostels. The first inhabitants of the island were pirates , and throughout its history various conquerors and soldiers have also passed through there. It is an island where there are no roads, so the trips are always by roads, but even so, there is no lack of a high-quality Wi-Fi connection in almost any corner.