Visit the Great Mosque of Lyon

When someone decides to travel to France, they do it mainly to Paris, the capital and one of the most interesting and beautiful cities in the world. However, there are also other cities that are worth visiting, such as Lyon , the third most populated city in the country only behind Paris and Marseille. The architectural heritage is so important that it became a World Heritage Site.

Among its main attractions is the Great Mosque , the place where Muslims go for their religious activities and which is a true architectural gem. It was built in the 90s and its design combines elements that belong to modern architecture with other more traditional ones. It was designed by several French architects and opened in 1994.

Everything as a whole in this Great Mosque of Lyon is wonderful, so for architecture lovers it is something similar to paradise. Outside there is a facade of Persian arches, a minaret that is 25 meters high and a beautiful white dome that is topped with the symbol of the Red Crescent. The courtyard at the entrance is covered by a huge glass pyramid that is supported by 230 columns.

On the mezzanine there is a prayer room for women and it overlooks the mihrab, which is what indicates the direction of Mecca. The mihrab is decorated with a blue mosaic that proclaims the central creed of the Islam religion and that says "there is no other God than God, and Muhammad is his prophet." In the mosque you can find an information center for any questions about this spectacular building and where you can also arrange a guided tour.