What can not be missing in a travel kit

There are times when, due to the chosen destination or the circumstances of the trip itself, it is necessary to carry a first-aid kit in our luggage to help us overcome certain health problems that may arise. These are bruises, small wounds or ailments for which we will need certain medications.

One of the cases in which the travel kit becomes absolutely essential is when we travel to a remote country where access to medical care is difficult. We tell you how to prepare your travel kit and what cannot be missing from it.

Being cautious is worth it

travel kit
It is clear that it is not about carrying everything you need for any problem that may arise during the trip, nor are we going to put ourselves on the worst. Rather, it is about being prepared to be able to combat those small annoyances that are normal to happen to us and for which we have a remedy when we are at home. Here you have a small list with what you can not miss in your travel kit. Remember that you have to save space, something that is not usually abundant when we prepare our luggage, so you will have to be practical.

– To heal wounds such as small cuts, abrasions and others, you will need gauze, iodine or disinfectant, tape and plasters.
– Take an antihistamine for possible allergy attacks . And if you have any serious food allergies, bring the pre-filled adrenaline pen. You will already know that it can save your life.
– A medicine against diarrhea can be very useful when you are traveling.
– And, of course, you can not miss the painkillers that will come in handy to treat any pain: paracetamol and ibuprofen, which is also anti-inflammatory.