What is the best time to travel to China?

Do you want to visit the fourth largest country in the world? I am not surprised! China has a lot to offer tourists, although it is true that there are people who prefer not to visit it due to the high levels of pollution that make it essential to go outside with a mask on some days.

If you have made the decision and are looking for dates, I must tell you that there are times better than others to put your feet on the Asian giant’s ground. Do you want to know more? Do not miss anything of what I tell you below!

The best months

All travel agencies will tell you the same thing: March to May and September to October are the best months to travel to China. Why? Because the temperatures are quite mild and there is no risk of heavy rain.

The weather does not accompany in summer

It is a pity that it is like that because they stay out the months of June, July and August , which are the usual ones to go on vacation. The problem is that the summer showers are constant, and that is because they do not have the typical crowds of the months in which more tourists are concentrated. And not only that, but the monsoon can ruin your plans. It is more intense in the southeast and in mountainous areas, so keep that in mind when hiring outdoor activities, as they are likely to be canceled.


The cold of winter

From November to February we should also rule out travel, especially if we go to northern or inland areas. It’s very cold, quite the opposite of the south. On the other hand, despite being the low season in almost all places on the planet, accommodation prices skyrocket because the Chinese New Year is celebrated.

Thus, it is best to leave in one of the months that I mentioned above, since the skies are usually clear and the temperature is pleasant even in the north.

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