What to see in Frankfurt

Frankfrut is one of the cities with the most inhabitants in Germany and a few years ago it has become one of the main destinations for all those travelers who visit that country. It is a city with a lot of charm that has nothing to envy to the famous Berlin and where you can find places of great interest.

Essential visits

If you are going to travel to Germany, I definitely recommend that you visit this city as you will not regret it, even if it is to see the highlights. Take note of the most interesting of Frankfurt :

Römerberg : it is a medieval square that was for a long time the center of the city government, but during the Second World War it was razed and was only partially rebuilt. That is what gives it the most charm. In the western part is the Town Hall and in the east a few medieval houses that are beautiful. In this square several festivals are held throughout the year and there is a tourist office.

Museumsufer : it is one of the most important museum areas in the city and runs from the Friedensbrücke Bridge to the Dreikönigskirche Church. It includes 13 museums that are in different towns and that are from different times. Among others, there you can find the Museum of Cinema, the Jewish Museum, the Museum of Architecture or the Museum of Applied Arts.

Lohrberg : from here you can enjoy spectacular views thanks to the fact that it is a hill almost 200 meters high. A fantastic park to spend a day of rest admiring all the beauty that is around it.

Church of St. Paul : it was for a time the seat of the German parliament and houses a large mural by Johannes Grützke on the historical procession of the representatives in this church.