Wi-Fi on Middle Eastern planes

Egypt Air has become the latest airline in the Middle East region to offer in-flight connectivity to its passengers. Its new and equipped A330-300 aircraft are equipped with the latest technology, which allows users to use GSM, GPRS SMS and other services from their mobile service providers on board.

Passengers will also be able to use Wi-Fi connections throughout the flight, the airline explained, thanks to an agreement with OnAir that has been in charge of restructuring the entire technological base of the company’s fleet. By February 2012, all EgyptAir A330-300s will be fully equipped with these advancements and will operate on Europe, the Middle East and North American routes.

This Middle Eastern company has been the first in the world to adopt a sophisticated Internet and mobile communications system capable of meeting the needs of long-distance travelers. In March of this year, Oman Air made history by becoming the first long-haul operator to offer Wi-Fi connectivity on one of its aircraft. In May, Libyan airlines announced that mobile and Wi-Fi technology would be included on board their fleet of long-range A330s and A320 medium-range aircraft from September this year.

Qatar has also confirmed that it will offer broadband connectivity on all its Boeing 787s . Another of the country’s airlines has also announced that as of June 2012, all its aircraft will be equipped with this type of advance. What about European and American companies?