Essential visits in New York

new York
New York is probably the most famous city in the world, and every traveler’s dream is to visit it one day. The days you are there will never be enough to see everything there is to see, but if you organize yourself well you will be able to see the essentials, and then spend the rest of the time looking at other things that you would like to see.

Today I would like to focus on those mythical places in New York that you have to visit yes or yes, places that you have seen in hundreds of movies and series and that are on the retina of the whole world. When someone mentions these places, their image immediately comes to mind, so being there in person is definitely a must if you are going to be in the city.

The statue of Liberty

statue of Liberty
It is the symbol of the city and is on Liberty Island , south of Manhattan. It was a gift from the French people to the American for the centenary of the country’s independence. It is a World Heritage Site and you can go there on one of the many free ferries there are.

Times square

The most famous square in the city and I would almost say that in the whole world, a very special place that stands out for all the advertising screens that surround it. There the countdown takes place on New Year’s Eve to enter the new year, and thousands of people from all over the world travel there to experience that special moment.

Ground Zero of the World Trade Center

The place where the Twin Towers were is now one of the most visited points in the city, where thousands of people come every day to see the place where the planes fell on that fateful September 11, 2001. Today there is a luminous monument that pays tribute to the memory of the thousands of people who lost their lives in that terrorist attack.

New York subway

Even if you prefer to see the city from the ground so as not to lose detail, it is essential to take a ride on the subway to see its spectacular nature. Almost 500 stations that are spread throughout the city, and in many of them you find almost an underground city that houses shops and cafes.

Metropolitan Museum of Art

It is one of the most important museums in New York and in it you will see works that are fundamental and of great importance for the history of Art . There are collections of paintings that include works by Picasso, Rafael or Velázquez.

Brooklyn bridge

Brooklyn bridge
You will have seen it thousands of times on TV or in the cinema since whenever there is an image of New York, there is this bridge. It connects Manhattan with Brooklyn and you can cross it on foot, by car, motorcycle or bicycle. From there you have a spectacular view of the city’s skyline, so it is recommended to visit it both day and night.

Central park

This spectacular park covers more than 3 square kilometers and is visited by more than 30 million people each year. There are several areas with very interesting places, such as several lakes, the Belvedere castle, bridges, animals …

Empire state building

This building has also appeared in many series and movies and is one of the most iconic buildings in the city. At night, it lights up with different colors depending on the occasion. For example, when Spain won the World Cup, all that night the colors of the Spanish flag could be seen at the top. Since the Twin Towers disappeared, it has been the tallest building in the city.