Everything you need to know to apply for the eTa for Canada

An electronic travel authorization (eTa) can be ordered for many countries, such as Canada. It is a really simple procedure that can be carried out over the Internet, so it is not necessary to travel to request it. In a matter of minutes you can have the eTa in your email, although it is true that some requests can take more days if additional documents are required.

It is highly recommended to apply for the eTa before booking a flight to Canada . This mandatory travel permit can be obtained online thanks to websites such as e-Visado.es, which allows you to request it quickly and easily for only € 19.95 per person.

How does the eTa application work?

In e-Visado.es they explain step by step what you have to do. Basically you must fill out an online form that will only take you 5 minutes. Then, you have to pay safely and reliably with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Sofort Banking or PayPal. With an urgent request, in a period of just 18 minutes on average you can have the eTa approved and receive the confirmation by email.

The importance of having an eTa Canada

If you want to travel to Canada with Spanish nationality, you should know that you will need an eTa before getting on a plane. This is so regardless of whether the trip is for tourism, business, studies, family visits or stopovers.

You can make an appointment at the Canadian Consulate or Embassy in Spain , but it is clear that the fastest, cheapest and easiest way is to obtain the eTa through the Internet. Its acronym, by the way, which corresponds to the words “ electronic Travel Authorization ”, in Spanish means “electronic travel authorization”.

The immigration service evaluates the data on the form to check for possible security threats. If the traveler is not a threat to security or the law, the permit associated with the passport with which the eTa is requested is granted in a very short time, in addition to being shared with the airline and the authorities at the airport of departure and from arrival. That is why it is so important to print the document that they send you on e-Visado.es.

How valid is the eTa Canada

Since its approval, the eTa is valid for 5 years. Of course, if the passport with which it is requested expires before, the validity of the eTa for Canada expires on the same date as the passport. With the eTa you can travel unlimitedly to Canada, although each visit can last a maximum of 6 months . This is what they explain to us in e-Visado.es, where they refer to the fact that the passport must be valid for at least one day from the date of departure.

Important important considerations

By the time you arrive in Canada, you must already have the return ticket or the one that allows you to continue traveling in case it is a stopover. The Canadian immigration service has the power to revoke or shorten the validity of a visa or eTA if it deems it appropriate. You can travel to see family and friends, for business, for studies, for tourism or to stop over.

Request an eTa urgently

All requests are usually processed within 72 hours , although it is true that it is possible to carry out an urgent request at e-Visado.es. In this way you can obtain approval in an average of 18 minutes, although you should know that the Canadian immigration service reserves the right in exceptional cases to spend more time evaluating the application. Therefore, it is best to apply for eTa Canada a week or several weeks before traveling to the country.