Get to know Norwegian cuisine

The basis of Norwegian cuisine is represented by game meat and fishing. One of the most famous dishes in Norway is smoked salmon . Salmon can be cooked in many different ways and is served with different types of sauces. Dill and egg are often used in these sauces. Other types of fish used are mackerel, smoked herring, sardines, and cod. The predominant meats are reindeer, elk and lamb.

Whale meat is used from time to time and horse meat is used in the preparation of Norwegian sausages. Also, they tend to use fruit, and the queens par excellence are berries. The cheese they use the most is goat, although cheese with cow’s milk also has many followers. One of the appetizers that you must order if you go to Norway is the Flatbread. This is made with oatmeal and graham flour along with milk. Everything is baked in the oven until this crispy appetizer emerges.

Also, you should ask what Jarlsberg stuffed peppers. They are large red or green bell peppers that are filled with minced meat that is mixed with breadcrumbs and Jarlsberg cheese. Lefse is a dough that is made from potatoes and flour. The dough is cut and rolled into balls. Each ball must be fried later. Another dish that you should ask for is that of stuffed eggs .

The eggs are filled with chopped ham, smoked salmon or anchovy fillets, and grated cheese. If you want to fight the cold, have a good soup. Cabbage soup is made with diced beef, onion, carrot , celery, leek, and cabbage.