Hiking in Mallorca

Hiking has more and more followers around the world, and it is undoubtedly a fantastic option for vacations since in addition to enjoying your trips in a healthy way you will be able to see spectacular places. Nature lovers have found in hiking the perfect activity to carry out during their vacations, thus discovering the best natural environments in each country and being able to combine both beach and city and nature.

One of the best destinations in our country to go hiking is Mallorca , which with its landscapes shows that it has much more to offer than the sun and the beach, which is what this island is best known for. Here you can find all kinds of spectacular hotels with lots of pools and on the beach, but also other rural ones with a lot of charm and that will have you close to a lot of natural places that you can discover on foot.

You can go hiking in Mallorca at any time of the year, although due to the heat in summer it may be more advisable to do it at a time other than that, especially if you are not in shape or do not hike regularly. In any case, as in summer there are also many hikers, there are several short routes designed through places where the sun does not shine much and in the afternoon to be able to do the activity without the risk of suffering from heat stroke.

One of the most interesting routes is the one that takes you to cross the Tramuntana (from the northwest to the north of the island) and that is where the Puig Major is located, which at 1,445 meters high is the highest mountain in Mallorca. The Torrent de Pareis canyon is another point on the route that makes hikers enjoy the most. If you prefer to go through the eastern part of the island, there you can take a route through the Sierra de Llevant, which has many hills, mountains and beautiful cliffs.