Hiking trails in Soria

In Spain we have truly fascinating places to visit on vacation, be it cities, small towns, beaches or natural environments. Whatever you like, in any corner of our country you will find wonders to visit. If you like hiking, you should know that there are a lot of places where you can practice it, although today I would like to focus on Soria , a city with a lot of charm and spectacular nature.

Soria is home to the most extensive forests in all of Europe, as well as an impressive historical heritage, so if you like hiking it is essential that you go there at least once. You will find hundreds of trails, trees, vegetation and a lot of routes designed to enjoy the best of the forests, many of them through agricultural areas. Take note of the best hiking trails in Soria :

Ruta de la Muralla : It is perfect to discover much of the history of Soria, walking through the walled perimeter of the city and which has a length of more than 4 kilometers. The itinerary is perfectly signposted and its unevenness is 226 meters with a medium difficulty. It starts and ends in the city center.

Route of the Sierra de Santa Ana : The round trip is about 6 kilometers and starts at the Fielato tourism center. It is of medium difficulty and during the journey you will enjoy beautiful landscapes, crossing the Douro River over a medieval bridge and seeing some of the most interesting areas of the city.

Los Castillejos Route : It is almost 5 kilometers and it will take you an hour to travel it. During this route you can enjoy various geological formations and rock shelters such as Mesa de la Reina, Vega del Cubillo, Pe帽as Blancas or the Pe帽贸n de los Isaces. The route begins near the cave shelter of the Cuerda de Torilejos.