Hiking in Scotland

Hiking is one of the most practiced outdoor activities during the holidays, especially by nature and sports lovers, who thus see an exceptional opportunity to get to know new places by exercising. The ideal is to be able to do it through spectacular landscapes in order to enjoy a unique natural environment, achieving a perfect combination of sport and nature.

And if we talk about spectacular natural landscapes, we must talk about Scotland , a country that has some of the best natural paradises in the world. The British country is undoubtedly a very special place to be able to go hiking at any time of the year, although it is clear that when you can enjoy it the most it will be during the summer. There you will find a lot of options for all types of hikers, with a multitude of routes and excursions throughout the country and that in some sections you can do on horseback or by bicycle, although there are no impediments if you only want to do them walking.

Spectacular routes

All of them spectacular, the routes are designed for different hikers, with different degrees of difficulty so that both a novice and an expert can take a route and enjoy the best Scottish landscapes. You can find routes of only 5 kilometers or others with much longer distances and more complex roads that have several ascents and descents to make the experience more interesting.

All the routes are totally safe and have been tested by hiking experts, people who also know these terrain very well, so they all have the best characteristics and conditions for an unforgettable experience. There are some routes that are themed, being able to find the most suitable for you if you are looking for adventure, enjoy landscapes, a family experience or some that include urban centers or are complemented with gastronomic routes .