Ideas for traveling with children in summer

Traveling with children
Summer has finally arrived! What we have to do now that school is over and that the holidays for the adults are just around the corner is to plan the family vacations. And it is not the same to travel when you are single or as a couple than when the children arrive home. The main difference is that it is no longer worth looking for places with sun, beach and nightlife, but it is also important that children have options to have a great time. In addition, traveling with children implies greater organization and a larger budget.

However, traveling with children is a great opportunity to enjoy good times as a family, share it and everything and, of course, get to know each other much better. So that you won’t be tempted to leave the little ones in the house with their grandparents this summer, today at Vuelva Viajes we are going to give you some good ideas for traveling with children. Can you come with us? I assure you that they will be most useful!

Little mobility

First of all, it is important that you take into account the limitations of the smallest of the house. For example, you should consider that the younger children are, the more difficulties they will have in walking, climbing hills and moving in general. Therefore, we do not recommend choosing mountain destinations or hiking trails or anything similar. The best thing to do is to choose a quiet destination where they can rest, play and have fun.

Traveling with children1

Contact with the nature

Although it is true that you should anticipate that your children will not be able to walk as much as you, we do recommend that you opt for the little ones to be in contact with nature, either on the beach or in the mountains. In this way they will be able to better appreciate the importance of preserving the environment. Also, think that children love animals and in the middle of nature they will be able to run and have fun at their ease and without stress.

Of course, when you choose the activities you will do during the trip, choose one that is exclusive for the little ones. In addition, the ideal is that the chosen destination has parks and swimming pools, two key elements for your children to have a great time.


Although both in Spain and outside our borders you can find hotels with all kinds of activities designed for them, the truth is that a good idea to avoid spending too much is to rent an apartment . In addition to being cheaper, it will allow you to have more privacy.

Traveling with children2

Theme parks

A great idea for your children to greatly enjoy their vacations is to choose a destination with a nearby theme park. One of the best in Spain is Port Aventura , which in addition to having a water park, the Costa Caribe Aquatic Park, has recently also had S茅samo Aventura, where children will enjoy a lot. As if that were not enough, it is located in Salou, a beach destination where the little ones will have a great time. But this is not the only theme park in our country! The Warner Bros Park in Madrid, Tierra M谩gica in Castell贸n or Isla M谩gica in Seville are some of the best known. And if your children like dinosaurs, don’t think twice and take them to know Din贸polis Territory. You will find interactive museums, real fossils, large reproductions and games.


The little ones can take advantage of their vacations to learn about all kinds of things. One of the best ways to do it is in museums , which nowadays have activities designed for the whole family and also for the little ones. In addition, there are museums where the little ones can even interact.