Isla del Coral, a paradise in the Pacific Ocean

The islands are usually somewhat paradisiacal environments. Among them, there are some that are, perhaps, less well known, but no less beautiful or spectacular for that. A good example is Isla del Coral , which is a paradise in the Pacific Ocean, located in the Rivera Nayarit , in Mexico . An island with unparalleled nature – some areas are protected – and with an incomparable natural underwater aquatic environment .

The island

Coral Island is an ideal destination for nature lovers, but also for beach and sea lovers. Precisely, this island is characterized by having white sand beaches , crystal clear waters and coral reefs.

It is an environment that, in addition, has the advantage of being classified as a clean beach , in addition to having areas that are declared protected natural areas . In addition, the advantage is that it is a destination that is usually not very crowded.

Apart from enjoying the beaches, the island offers many other options for enjoyment through numerous activities . Among them, snorkeling stands out to be able to see the entire natural underwater ecosystem and the different species of local fish.

For those who prefer nature on the mainland, Isla del Coral is another good choice because it has a wide flora and fauna in its 12 hectares of surface where turtles, pelicans and booby birds coexist. Added to this is the mix of land and sea animals such as multicolored fish, mantas or starfish.

The more adventurous can choose to take a boat to go to the cave that is on the shore of the beach and which is one of its main attractions.

How to get

Normally, this island is not offered in the classic vacation tour packages . But it is possible to reach it. Located on the west coast of Mexico, one of the options is to arrive from Lo de Marcos, Los Ayala, Rincón de Guayabitos and La Peñita de Jaltemba, which are somewhat more popular destinations on the Riviera de Nayarit. Approximately, it is estimated that there is an hour from the Puerto Vallarta International Airport.