Luxembourg Garden in Paris

One of the most visited cities in the world is Paris , to which tourists come from every corner to discover all the charms of the so-called "City of Light". Here you can find many attractions, monuments and places of interest, as well as a lot of natural spaces that are wonderful.

One of them is the Luxembourg Garden , the second largest in the city thanks to its more than 22 hectares and which is in the 6th district, where the Luxembourg Palace is also located. With a lawn that looks like a gigantic carpet, it is full of statues of women who were queens of France such as Juana III of Navarre, Ana de Austria, Blanca de Castilla or Anne de Francia , as well as various saints and various ancient works in general.

Also noteworthy is the Fontaine Médicis , which is a fountain that was built in 1630 but was half destroyed and abandoned until Napoleon Bonaparte ordered to restore it in 1811, remaining then as it is now. An immense garden in which to spend a few hours relaxing, have a picnic or enjoy some of the outdoor activities that take place almost daily.

It is an ideal place to go with children since one of its areas has been converted into a playground and has attractions such as horses, a stage for performances of all kinds, a restaurant and a bar, all to enjoy both the good weather outdoors. as of the actions that there are in each moment. A luxury to be able to have a place like this in a city as bustling as Paris since entering these gardens it seems that you have moved to another world.