Corbett National Park in India

Traveling to India is traveling to a fascinating country with spectacular nature and a very peculiar culture. Wild spaces full of life and landscapes worthy of the best postcard, here you can find many natural destinations to make your holidays much more special.

One of the most spectacular natural places you can visit is Corbett National Park and it is a fantastic option if you are going to be in New Delhi. Here you can see wild tigers in their habitat and enjoy the most beautiful nature in the whole country and one of the best in the world. It is one of the oldest natural parks in the country and one of the best protected since many of its animals are in danger of extinction.

It is named after Jim Corbett , a famous hunter in the country who was born in the 18th century and who was dedicated to capturing tigers and leopards that were known to kill everything that was put in front of them. The park has its origin in 1958 although it was not until 1879 that it was recognized as the great forest reserve that it is and also thanks to the fact that more cattle were prohibited from entering and a system of limits was designed so that everything could be more protected.

It began being called Haley National Park thanks to a governor who did everything possible to protect the entire area, although after the independence of India the park changed its name and was renamed Ramganga National Park until in 1955 it was named after the one that is known today in honor of the hunter who did so much good in the area. The best time of year to visit Corbett National Park is between December and March and it is recommended to hire a safari to see everything much better, although you can also do the tour on your own.