Places in the world to enjoy the cherry blossom

cherry blossoms
If you have the opportunity to take a trip or a short getaway during the months of March and April, do not hesitate to visit one of the many places where you can see the flowering cherry, one of the shows produced by the most beautiful nature. In fact, in some places on the planet there are even special celebrations for the occasion. Of course, you have to take into account that it happens for a couple of weeks and always depends on the weather conditions.

Today at Vuela Viajes we want to tell you about some of the best places in the world to see this incomparable event. Would you like to join us?

Jerte Valley

Jerte Valley
How could it be otherwise, we are going to begin our tour of the best places to see the cherry blossom in the Jerte Valley, where this event is celebrated each year with different events. And it is not surprising, because between the end of March and the beginning of April the mountains of this valley look totally white thanks to the flowering of this beautiful tree. And we are talking about more than a million cherry trees. Among the many things you can do and see during these days in this corner of Cáceres , Extremadura, we highlight the exhibitions, medieval markets, festivals, tastings, bike rides or hiking trails. This event has been called the Spring and Cherry Blossom Festival and has been declared an Asset of National Tourist Interest.


Cherry blossom is one of the most important times in Japan. During the ten days that this spring show lasts, which takes place from the end of March to the beginning of April, the Japanese practice “ hanami ”, that is, they go on a picnic to contemplate the beauty of these delicate trees. pink and white tones thanks to its flower, called "sakura". And taking advantage of the occasion, they eat, sing and chat. Thus, in these days of early spring it is not strange to see tablecloths spread out in the parks to celebrate banquets with friends and family. If you plan to see the cherry blossom in Japan, you should know that the former takes place on the island of Okinawa, while the latter occurs on the island of Hokkaido.


Washington Also the flowering of this tree has a special meaning in Washington. And it is that every year the National Cherry Blossom Festival is celebrated to commemorate a significant date: March 27, 1912. On this day, the mayor of Tokyo gave the US capital 3,000 Japanese cherry trees to improve the relationship between the United States. and Japan. During the two weeks that the festival lasts, which begins with a grand opening ceremony, multiple activities take place in the city: tastings of Japanese food, bicycle routes to see the cherry trees, art exhibitions, kimono parades, dances, concerts, martial arts performances… The Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Race, which takes place on the first Sunday in April, is particularly noteworthy.


Although there are many more places where you can enjoy this spectacle of nature, we want to end by talking about Vancouver, Canada, where an Annual Cherry Blossom Festival is also held. In this case, the celebration also serves to commemorate the gift of 4,000 cherry trees donated by Japan in the 1930s. During these days you can enjoy many activities: bicycle routes to discover the best flowering points, poetry contests, dances, workshops flower arrangements, painting classes …