Roomize, a new social network for hoteliers

Are you a hotelier and do you like to travel? Well, now you can do it in a simpler way thanks to Roomize , a social network that allows owners of hotels, hostels and other establishments to exchange rooms and travel without spending a lot of money on accommodation.

This interesting idea came about at the initiative of the Italian hotelier Giusi Palazzolo at the beginning of the year. Giusi sought to network with other colleagues and exchange accommodations to facilitate travel and months later he has become the first online community of hoteliers in the world. Do you want to know more details about Roomize? Here we give them to you.

How Roomize works

Roomize is aimed at hoteliers and owners of hostels, hotels, etc., who can register for free by including the profile of the hotel they manage so that others can consult it. From this registration, another hotelier will be able to enter the portal and register you in the same way. If you are interested in staying in one of the rooms on offer, you can contact the hotelier who posted the offer and confirm the exchange for free. In this way they optimize the expenses of their vacation stays in other places.


More than 1,000 registered hoteliers

Today there are more than 1,000 hotel owners registered on the platform and in contact with each other. There are already registered very varied destinations and on all continents. Among the countries that have Roomize users are the United Kingdom, Malta, Norway, Burma, Lebanon, Maldives, Egypt, Monaco, Mexico, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Cuba, New Zealand, Indonesia, Latvia, Spain, Germany, France or Bulgaria. In short, proposals for all tastes.

Without a doubt, it is a most interesting proposal, although only professionals in the sector can register. Looking ahead, the company is preparing new functionalities .