Space tourism is already a reality

flying space
Have you ever dreamed of traveling to space ? If that has been your dream since you were little, you should know that you can make it come true. There are several travel agencies that already organize trips to space. Destinia or Virgin are some of those that are dedicated to space tourism. It is a new concept of travel that until recently was unthinkable.

Now that yes, if you are interested you can already tighten your belt and save. Since a trip to space can cost about 170,000 euros, or what is the same almost 30 million pesetas. It is not something that all pockets can afford. But if you have the opportunity, it is a unique experience that allows you to contemplate the Earth from another perspective, in a flight of about three hours.

The various companies that are dedicated to this offer a wide variety of programs that please all tastes, and at reasonable prices for a trip of these characteristics. Among this variety of programs, it is worth mentioning some of those that could be more attractive: a week’s stay on board the International Space Station, suborbital space flights in which you can experience weightlessness , flights at more than twice the speed of the sound or the ascent to altitudes that triple that of Everest.

Although our planet offers a great variety of places to discover and visit, this is a unique experience that allows you to be where few people can be. Traveling into space is something you would never forget. And although now it seems like a very expensive trip, over the years it will reduce its costs. It is possible that in about 20 years flying into space will be as accessible as buying a car.