The beautiful village of Oludeniz in Turkey

There are a wide variety of towns and cities in Turkey , many of them spectacular and certainly worth visiting at any time. Today I would like to write about a small town that I saw recently in a report about the best Turkish places and that I found beautiful. This is Oludeniz , which is in the province of Mugla, on the coast in the southwest of the country.

Despite not being a well-known destination, it is one of the most spectacular that bathes the Mediterranean, with a sandy bay that is isolated from a lagoon belonging to a Nature Reserve. Its waters are famous for their beautiful turquoise color, and they certainly have nothing to envy those of the most spectacular beaches that you can find in destinations like the Caribbean.

To do

The nightlife is very lively in the town, with a lot of bars in the area of ​​the promenade, all of them with different atmospheres, from the most informal to the most elegant. If you like shopping, there is not much to choose from here, but Fethiye is just 3 kilometers away, another town where there are many very interesting markets .

Oludeniz Beaches

Without a doubt, the most spectacular thing about Oludeniz are its beaches. The best known is Kidrak , also called Paradise Beach, which is a totally natural and very romantic beach that is 3 kilometers from the center of town, in a beautiful bay surrounded by pine trees. Butterfly Beach is also very interesting, which is about 5 kilometers away and is surrounded by mountains. It is so called because there a species of butterflies called Jarsey Tiger reproduces, which occurs only between June and September.