The best airports to spend the night

For many travelers, the means of transport is equal to or more important than the destination. The importance of transport increases even more if you travel by plane, since then airports also come into play, especially if you have to spend several hours in them or even spend the night there.

That is why the traveler guide, where airplane and airport users share their opinions about these places, has compiled a list of the best and worst airports in the world to spend the night. Do you want to know which are the best ? We will reveal them to you below!

Top 3

The airport that tops the ranking is Singapore . They highlight that it is very quiet and calm, so you can sleep without problems. In addition, it offers areas to connect to the Internet and 6 different types of chairs to rest. Seoul is ranked No. 2, which stands out for both comfort and design. In third place we find the Amsterdam Shipol airport, especially departments 3 and 4 of the departures, where the authorities say they have created an area in which passengers will find themselves like a forest.


The rest of the list

In fourth place we find the Hong Kong airport, where you can find real beds in which to spend the night. Helsinki is home to the fifth best airport to rest in the world, "a quiet and clean place with free Wi-Fi access where you can find many places to charge your mobile phone and laptop." They are followed by Munich, Zurich, Kuala Lumpur, Vancouver, and Frankfurt airports.

The worst airports

Among the worst airports to sleep in, Bergamo (Italy), Christchurch (New Zealand), Keflavik (Republic of Iceland), Berlin or Eindhoven stand out. All of them due to the little space they have to sleep and the lack of services they offer to travelers.