The best beaches in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a tourism destination with a long tradition. Many tourists come annually to discover a wonderful place to spend some dreamy days. One of its most important aspects is the exceptional beauty of its beaches , considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

These beaches are very varied and allow you to practice countless activities or simply get that relaxation that we need so much today. Keep in mind that Puerto Rico also offers the enjoyment of its gastronomy and culture, as well as its history, so in addition to visiting all its beaches, we also recommend visiting the historic center area.
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico was founded by the colonizers and today you can enjoy its network of narrow streets and its distinctly Spanish buildings. The modern area is also worth a visit. Enjoy the restaurants, bars and large buildings. But let’s get back to the topic of the beaches. If you want to enjoy sunny days to the fullest, you should not miss visiting some of the following beaches:

– Jobos Isabela Beach (located in the northwest area)
– Guilligan Guanicá Island (discover its beautiful mangroves)
– Balneario de la Vega Baja (located in the north)
– Crash Boat, Aguadilla (family and young atmosphere)
– Boquerón Cabo Rojo Spa
– Balneario Sun Bay, Vieques (you will have access to other beautiful beaches)
– Seven Seas Spa, Fajardo (disabled access)
– Flamenco Spa, Culebra (you will know the island of Culebra)