The best beaches in the south of France

Beach tourism is one of the most demanded around the world, that is why it is always so striking to be able to know a lot of beaches and thus have a greater variety to choose where we want to spend our vacation days. In our country we have spectacular beaches, but if you have already seen the best ones or you want to travel to another country, in our neighboring France there are some very interesting ones.

In the south of the country you can find many beaches, which combined with the attractiveness of the cities in that area makes it practically an obligation to travel there at least once in your life. Here I leave you with some of the best beaches in the south of France :

Collioure Beach

It is one of the most visited beaches on the famous French Côte d’Azur , and is just a few minutes drive from Perpignan, in a town called Collioure. It is a beautiful beach from which you can see the Royal Palace , which several centuries ago was owned by the kingdom of Mallorca, and which is close to other interesting places such as the Church of Notre Dame des Anges.

Narbonne Beach

narbonne beach
It is another of the beaches that receives more tourists each year, a spectacular 5-kilometer-long beach with an intense blue color in its waters, which differentiates it from many other beaches, and with very fine sand. It is in the Roussillon region and you can also visit interesting places such as the Sainte Marie de Fontfroide Abbey or the Archbishop’s Palace.

Vias Beach

If you are talking about the south of France, everyone who has been there recommends Vias Plage, a spectacular and very long beach with fine and very shiny golden sand and warm water, so it is perfect for any time of year. It is a busy beach and perfect for families with children since there is a lot of entertainment for all ages, so if you are looking for a quiet beach it is better to go to another.