The best flea markets in London

The markets are some of the most visited places in London , all of them very varied and where you can find all kinds of wonders and curious objects. There are them themed or with a little of everything, and in many of them you will find clothes, footwear, antiques, pieces of art, food and a long list of things that you can get a lot out of.

The one in Camden Town is considered the best market in the city, and since I already told you about it a couple of days ago, today I will focus on others that are also very interesting. If you are going to be in London for as long as it is, I recommend you stop by one of them even if you do not have much time. I have visited some and I can assure you that it is totally worth it.

Portobello Market

Although the one in Camden Town is spectacular, this market is my favorite, perhaps because of how much I like the movie "Notting Hill" , in which the main character used to appear several times when he lived there. It is a market where you can find a little of everything and at different prices. It is celebrated on Saturdays from morning to afternoon. It is also very interesting to visit the shops behind the stalls.

Borough Market

It is near the famous Tower Bridge and it is a market where you can taste all kinds of food and ingredients, both British and from anywhere else in the world. Almost all the stalls have free tastings , so it will be great to take a leisurely walk while you try the products that attract your attention the most. In addition, there is a part in which cooking workshops are given, drawing workshops for children or shows such as traditional dances, concerts and plays are seen.

Covent Garden

It is close to the Royal Opera , in the heart of the city. In Victorian times it was a fruit and vegetable market, and today it still has a lot of charm. Over time, in addition to being a market, it has become a small shopping center with small shops where you can find clothes, jewelry, food, decorative objects or tea. There is a lot of life both day and night as concerts and various street shows are organized.

Brick lane

It is close to Liverpool Street and is the perfect flea market for lovers of vintage. There you will find a multitude of decorative objects, furniture and fabrics that continue to retain their charm no matter how long the years go by. They also have gastronomic products.

Spitalfields Market

It is close to the one on Brick Lane and has many antiques , art galleries, food and various artistic creations. There you will find anything related to art.