The best private islands to live a luxurious summer

With the emergence of the coronavirus , many people have changed their summer habits . This has led to destinations on the rise, to the detriment of others that are less in demand today. And, within them, are the islands . And, above all, those that are quite exclusive and in which you can rent somewhat impressive houses . The proposals, oddly enough, are multiple. But, we are going to focus on some in which the possibility of rental is offered.


The United States is one of the countries with the largest number of islands where it is possible to rent luxurious houses. Among these options, there is, for example, Orr , in Minnesota , which is surrounded by nature and the sea on all sides.

This house is like a cabin, it has capacity for 20 people, which allows you to live an authentic vacation in the countryside , within a rustic and idyllic environment in which there are fantastic starry nights .

In the United States, another proposal is Stonington , on Sprouce Island, in Maine , which stands out for its wonderful views . The house – it is prepared to house 20 people – is in an excellent situation to enjoy both nature and water activities such as boat trips.



The Bahamas are another of the ideal destinations in these cases. Here, a good option is Spanish Wells , which is characterized as a modern villa with large windows. In particular, the Royal Island cabin is spectacular because it reminds you of the dream of a vacation at sea, thanks to the rooms overlooking the ocean. In addition, there is a beach and a private pool and you can do relaxing activities such as yoga or practice water sports .


And we continue with more proposals. In this case, we make a stop in Belize. Specifically, in Placentia , in the Stann Creek district. This destination is quite familiar and is ideal to enjoy days of sun and beach, as well as relaxation and leisure.

For this, it has a swimming pool and a private beach with beautiful maritime views before which it seems that you are in a true paradise. And, if you want to do sports activities, the options go through diving or snorkeling , although you can also go for a boat ride.