The caves that you cannot miss in Scotland

Today we are going to continue talking about Scotland because it is one of the destinations that has more secrets and hidden places to see. If we already know the islands, the main towns and castles and other of its main tourist attractions, a good option when you want to return to the country is to take advantage of all that its nature offers. And, within them, are the caves .

St Ninian

One of the main wonders of Scotland is St Ninian’s Cave. It is located about six kilometers from Whithorn and can be reached by taking a walk that crosses the beach and leads directly.

It is a sea cave that, in addition, has a lot of history, because it is said that it was the refuge of St Ninian, the first bishop to visit Scotland and from which it takes its name. However, there are also other stories that suggest that it was actually the refuge of the Monastery in Whithorn .

Whatever the real one, its marine charm should not be missed, apart from enjoying the solitude and isolation that you feel as soon as you enter it.



This other cave is located on the Isle of Mull. Like the previous one, it is also of a marine type and, of course, there is no shortage of legends and myths around it. Inside, you shouldn’t miss the crevices , or see the natural pools and waterfalls . Of course, it must be borne in mind that it can only be accessed if the tide is low.

Other data of interest is that it was visited by the writers Samuel Johnson and James Boswell, who just wrote his famous biography.


These caves are in the part of Inchnadamph , located one of the most important areas of Scotland in terms of caves, apart from being the largest. On its way, it passes through impressive entrance arches of the cave, also observing spectacular views of the surrounding mountains .